PC-board for this project.


I have created a circuit board design for this project.
You can use this data to make a PC-board or, submit the data to a company that will fabricate boards for you.

I had boards fabricated by JLCPCB.

I can also sell you a board for $2.00 plus shipping. Email me for info.

Gerber PCB files: Timer-ST_Gerber.zip.
You can submit these files to a board fabricator to have them produce boards for you.

KiCad project with all files Timer-ST_pro.zip.
Use these files if you want to modify the schematic and PCB.
You will need the KiCad application to use these files.
Click to visit the KiCad site.

Bill Of Materials for the PCB. These part numbers are from Digi-Key electronics. Bom_7946360.csv.

Click here to import the BOM into your Digi-Key account.

BOM Details.


Download BOMDetails.txt.

Power supply and battery charger.


Download psbat.txt.

Noisy junk power adapter.

Junk noisy power supply.

Junk noisy power supply.

Use a 6 cell NiCd or NiMH battery pack.

use six cells.

use six cells.

Battery charger options.

Remove bat charge enable jumper to disable charger.

Battery charge resistor.

Oscillator options.

TCXO option.

Crystal option.

PCB V1.0 errors.

Trim cap value.

Beat amplifier gain setting.

Real time clock module options.


Download rtc.txt.

DS3231 For-PI RTC.

DS3231 For-PI RTC.

ZS-042 RTC.

ZS-042 RTC.

ZS-042 header location.

DS3231 For-PI header location.

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