Build your own microcontroller based clock timing machine.

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A free design for an electronic clock timing machine. A timing device for use with mechanical clocks.
Used to adjust the clock rate, troubleshoot problems with the clock movement and log performance data to a computer for detailed analysis.

This device has features similar to the commercial Timetrax or Microset clock timers.
There are two major differences. First, If you have some electronics skills you can build this yourself for only the cost of the parts.
Second, my timer does not currently have any fancy windows software to interpret the data.
It outputs data to an LCD display and to a serial port or bluetooth radio in CSV format.
I've tried to keep the design as simple and inexpensive as possible.
Anyone with some basic electronics skills should have no trouble building it.

The design and software are free for non-commercial use.

UPDATE! 06-16-2019

A PC-board is now available for the timer.

Click here for details.


Timer features, operation and commands.

Construction information.

Circuit schematics.

Parts list.

Sensors for detecting clock beats.

Component data sheets.

Microcontroller programming information.

Microcontroller software download.

PC data logging software.

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