Software downloads.

Timer flash ROM files.

Download the bootloader "*_BL" files if you are installing onto a blank microcontroller.
Download the no bootloader "*_NB" files if the Microchip serial bootloader is installed.

Flash ROM files to install the timer program:
Current versions will auto detect the LCD display I2C address.
For older versions, choose the one that matches your LCD Display I2C address.

01-26-20 no bootloader Auto I2C address. 18f14k22ctm_07-26-19_Aut_NB.hex.

01-26-20 with bootloader Auto I2C address. 18f14k22ctm_01-26-20_Aut_BL.hex.

Windows serial bootloader program. Serial Bootloader AN1310
Use this program to install firmware updates using the serial port.

Project source files:
Needed only if you want to modify the software.

Source files 01-26-20 MPLAB project

You need the Microchip MPLAB development software software to use the project source files.

All files and versions.
Some of these files have not been thoroughly tested.

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