Instrument control software.

Microsoft Windows software to control and log data from instruments.

These programs are provided free of charge. There is no warranty of any kind. Use at you own risk.

For use with the Prologix GPIB adapter. It will ONLY work with Prologix USB to GPIB and compatible adapters.
It should work with any USB to GPIB adapter that supports the Prologix command set.

It has been tested with the following adapters:

Prologix GPIB-USB adapter. Elektor Prologix clone.
NOTE:7/18 My Dalton adapter is not currently working.
New versions have not been tested with it.

Emanuele Girlando's Arduino based adapter.

HP 3478A multimeter control software.

Also supports backup and restore of the calibration data!


Information and download.

Wavetek 178 programmable waveform synthesizer control software.


Information and download.

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