My clock projects.

Microcontroller based clock timer project.
An electronic clock timing machine that you can build.

Clock data plots using the timer with KST software.
These links show live data only when I'm currently monitoring clocks.

Clock 1 status.

Clock 2 status.

Clock 3 status.

Rhythm ATO clock.

Atmos clock.

Cincinati Time Recorder master clock.

Heco (Henry Coehler). My first 400 day clock.

Junk Korean movement.

Schatz Elexacta.

Schatz 53.

Schatz 59.

Seth Thomas Westminster chime clock.

SWCC, Self Winding Clock company.

Tiffany Neverwind.

Trend clock.



Kieninger & Obergfell Kundo electronic clock.

Electromagnetically impulsed pendulum .

Waterbury clock.
The clock that got me started with horology. I'm not done with it. Movement repair OK, now I need to work on case restoration.

First pictures of my Waterbury clock.

Disassembling & cleaning the movement.

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